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Posts in this category concern education and training of professionals specialising in rehabilitation. There is a focus on medical training of doctors, because it is the only profession with training leading to official recognition of expertise.

Wisdom in rehabilitation

In May 2021, Dr Sabena Yasmin Jameel published her University of Birmingham PhD thesis on Enacting Phronesis in General Practitioners. John Launer wrote about it on November 2nd, and I saw a tweet about his article. She has studied wisdom in general practitioners, but the findings apply to all healthcare professionals. Indeed, rehabilitation professionals should …

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Rehabilitation expertise

Rehabilitation is not therapy, and therapy is not rehabilitation. Rehabilitation expertise is the second area of expertise acquired by some people working within healthcare. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to demonstrate that you have specific expertise in rehabilitation unless you happen to be a doctor. In the UK, since 1997, doctors have been able to …

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Using the MCA in health services

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) is a well designed, useful piece of legislation that governs decision-making for people who lack the mental ability to make decisions (in England and Wales). Unfortunately it has been blown right off course by well-meaning but clinically inappropriate guidance which has rendered it unused and unusable. The principles of the …

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Entrustability – what is it?

Mosr professions initially developed on the basis of trust. Examinations were rare. Doctors (and other professions) learned through experience. For healthcare, as science advanced and increased in importance, examinations in basic sciences were introduced. Thereafter, once qualified, further advance depended upon the trust of patients and other doctors. Even when I trained, the only examination …

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Social Care research

Today (May 26th 2021) I attended a Zoom-based seminar on Social Care research run by the Research Design Service (South Central) of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). It was excellent. I will discuss it here. Anyone who wishes to see the slides can download then from this webpage here. The talks will also …

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Capabilities – evidence

I was asked, on Twitter by Jacqui Wheatcroft: “I wondered about the references to support the inclusion of each area in the mind map?” (shown here) Replying in a Tweet was a challenge! I will explain here that: capabilities are high-level abilities that are simply chosen or agreed as indicative or representative of a person’s …

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Humanities in rehabilitation

This post concerns training in and education about empathy in the practice and delivery of rehabilitation. This blog suggests that education to increase empathy is needed and is possible. This education is best acquired by studying the humanities, though academic study is also possible. The blog points out that education or training in humanity is …

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