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Feedback page

This page has forms for anyone to use to make contact with me to:

  • give feed back on a page
  • give feedback on the site
  • give feedback on content of capabilities
  • contact me for any other reason

Note that posts already have a place at the end where anyone can comment. All comments on posts will be read and, unless they are disrespectful of others or contain obviously incorrect information, or are in some other way judged (by me) to be inappropriate, they will be accepted and published as submitted.

Feedback and comment forms

Feedback on site

Feedback on page

This form is designed to give feedback on a specific page

Feedback on a capability in practice

This form allows you to comment on any of the capabilities in practice.

Contact about any other matter

This allows you to contact me about any other matter: suggestions for new areas to cover, want to write something relevant for the site, want further information (not about clinical or personal matters), or whatever.

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