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What are the aims of SRR?

This is the self-declared aims and methods of the SRR.

The Society for Research in Rehabilitation is a multi-disciplinary group whose members share the principal goal of: carrying out and promoting high quality research to develop effective, relevant and forward-thinking rehabilitation practices that will improve the opportunities available to people with acute and chronic disabling conditions.
SRR provides a forum for high quality rehabilitation research:

  • Raising the profile of rehabilitation research
  • Encouraging the evaluation of rehabilitation practice through well-designed studies
  • Fostering a climate in which people can develop and share research skills
  • Enabling active researchers to share the results of their research
  • Advancing rehabilitation practice for acute and chronic disabling conditions
  • Training enabling junior researchers to present research

How does SRR try to achieve these aims?

The Society holds two scientific meetings a year,in winter and summer.  Each meeting offers symposia addressing  specific rehabilitation topics, sessions for presentation of scientific papers and poster sessions. Recent symposia topics have included Stroke Rehabilitation, Orthoptics, Cognitive Neuroscience, Rehabilitation in Palliative Care, Outcome Measurement, Biomechanics, Behaviour Change and Clinical Trials. The scientific papers are stimulating and cover a diversity of topics and a variety of research methodologies.

The Society’s elected Council keeps up to date with pertinent issues at local, national and international level, keeps members informed and whereappropriate, makes comments and lobbies on the Society’s behalf and represents rehabilitation research.

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