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This blog reports on developments in the training of doctors in Rehabilitation Medicine (RM) in the UK. In summary, most of the major documents about training are now complete, and most are agreed.

Rehabilitation Medicine Curriculum.
This is the foundation. This has been agreed by the General Medical Council, and now will start being the curriculum from August 2021. It is available here (it says ‘draft’ but is agreed as it is). It is the regulatory document; it has legal backing and cannot be changed without agreement, and the process of change is not quick or easy. (here) All other documents are derived from it, and are supplementary guidance or support.

Rough Guide to curriculum.
Named after the travel guide, this explains and expands on the curriculum, helping to make it practical. The content is not ‘official’; it cannot change the requirements of the curriculum. It is supposed to be a useful guide, and it anything appears to contradict the curriculum, that is a mistake or misunderstanding. It has been agreed by the GMC. It will soon be available on the Rehabilitation Medicine page of the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) here.

Speciality Specific Guidance.
This is a guidance document for any doctor applying to gain a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR), which means they can register with the General Medical Council and be placed on the register as a specialist in rehabilitation. It is equivalent to the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) for doctors going through the UK training schemes. The document has now been agreed by the GMC, and will come into force within two years.

ARCP Decision Aid.
The ARCP is the Annual Review of Competency Progression (presumably it will be Capability from August) undertaken in UK medical training programmes. The Decision Aid summarises the requirements set out in the curriculum. It suggests indicative numbers of training assessments and other indicative guidance on evidence that a trainee should supply. This has also been agreed by the GMC.

The development of this has been covered in earlier blogs. It has now been agreed by the working party, and goes to the Specialist Advisory Committee to formal approval. Once agreed, it also will be placed on the JRCPTB website. A copy of the draft version is available here. I thank all members of the Curriculum – Training Advisory Group for their initiation of this work, and their contribution to it’s development.

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