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This page shows active posts from the category, Research, which focuses on the process of research rather that the output which is primarily covered in the category ‘From the Journals’ but can also be found in the list from Clinical Rehabilitation’s twitter feed here. These posts discuss matters relating to research method.

Goal attainment scaling.

One Friday 2nd July 2021 (at 05.00 hrs) I took part in a debate organised by Professor Barbara Wilson and hosted, virtually, in Melbourne, Australia. …
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Exemplary paper

The published paper featured in this post illustrates many features of a good rehabilitation research paper. (A shame it was not published in a rehabilitation …
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Predicting benefit?

As editor of Clinical Rehabilitation, I see a small stream of studies that attempt to predict who will benefit from a rehabilitation intervention. Terms used …
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Randomised Comparison Trials

A recently published paper discusses placebos used in randomised controlled trials, referring to the placebo medication as “the Unknown Variable in a Controlled Trial”. The …
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Learning from failure

Designing and completing a large, well-designed randomised study is hard work. It must be very depressing when the result is negative – your programme of …
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Loneliness – a key outcome?

Of course, the title should be “Preventing loneliness”, because loneliness is a bad outcome. Rehabilitation’s goal has always been to ‘improve quality of life’, but …
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Systematic reviews – reviewed

Systematic reviews, with or without meta-analysis are attractive. They appear to offer much more secure answers, by taking ‘the totality of published evidence’. They can …
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Outcome measures

This post refers to two papers in the JAMA Journal of Internal Medicine: one is the report on a randomised controlled trial comparing equivalent times …
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