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This page shows all the posts that have been added to the category of ‘Rehabilitation Matters’. This category covers posts that consider rehabilitation as a whole (‘holistically’!). Posts in this category are not easily categorised! They will cover any aspect of rehabilitation and a range of topics peripheral to rehabilitation, matters that should be discussed and considered but may not be – yet.

Consciousness – cause and effect

Thinking about prolonged disorders of consciousness Consciousness implies awareness: subjective, phenomenal experience of internal and external worlds. Consciousness also implies a sense of self, feelings, choice, …
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Chronic non-malignant pain

A recent article stated, “It has long been established that phantom limb pain is a real physiological condition.” (here) This statement begs the question, “What …
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Ready for discharge?

Is this patient ready for discharge? This question must be asked endlessly by care staff, managers, and sometimes the patient themselves. In this blog post, …
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Rehabilitation is holistic, or is it?

Rehabilitation usually promotes itself as holistic, considering the patient as a whole and being patient-centred. Using the biopsychosocial model should indeed enforce a holistic, patient-centred …
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Pain in PDOC

PDOC stands for Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness; the term covers two previously defined states: the vegetative state, and the minimally conscious state. This post considers …
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An impossible decision

Doctors make decisions, and are particularly used to making difficult decisions which involve not simply clinical facts, but family, ethical, legal and societal factors. Nevertheless, …
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Goal attainment scaling.

One Friday 2nd July 2021 (at 05.00 hrs) I took part in a debate organised by Professor Barbara Wilson and hosted, virtually, in Melbourne, Australia. …
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Do no harm

I have learned much about making decisions on people in a prolonged disorder of consciousness from The Honourable Justice Hayden, Vice President of the Court …
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Social Care research

Today (May 26th 2021) I attended a Zoom-based seminar on Social Care research run by the Research Design Service (South Central) of the National Institute …
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NICE – post-Covid guide

One December 18th 2020 the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) published its guidance on managing the long-term effects of COVID-19. (here) …
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Predicting benefit?

As editor of Clinical Rehabilitation, I see a small stream of studies that attempt to predict who will benefit from a rehabilitation intervention. Terms used …
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Nursing home rehabilitation

This blog reviews a recent policy document from NHS England, which aims to introduce expert medical and rehabilitation services, including mental health and palliative care …
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Help change rehab.

This is a true incident. A friend of mine is helping out as a physiotherapist during this pandemic. Recently, in order to get a patient who …
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Rehabilitation for Long-Covid

Medical services responded rapidly to the very obvious, severe acute challenge of increasing numbers of people severely ill with Covid-19. The challenge to rehabilitation services …
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Loneliness – a key outcome?

Of course, the title should be “Preventing loneliness”, because loneliness is a bad outcome. Rehabilitation’s goal has always been to ‘improve quality of life’, but …
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