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This page shows all the posts that have been added to the category of ‘Rehabilitation Matters’. This category covers posts that consider rehabilitation as a whole (‘holistically’!). Posts in this category are not easily categorised! They will cover any aspect of rehabilitation and a range of topics peripheral to rehabilitation, matters that should be discussed and considered but may not be – yet.

Loneliness and disability

Rehabilitation services should pay attention to loneliness. It is common, associated with many long-term conditions…

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What do we add?

We can debate whether the patient is a part of the team (here) but we…

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Ready for discharge?

Is this patient ready for discharge? This question must be asked endlessly by care staff,…

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Pain in PDOC

PDOC stands for Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness; the term covers two previously defined states: the…

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An impossible decision

Doctors make decisions and are mainly used to making difficult decisions which involve not simply…

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