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This pages shows all the active blogs from the category, From the Journals. Posts in this category report and/or comment on published articles relevant to rehabilitation. Posts may cover any aspect of the paper, and the paper may cover any aspect of rehabilitation, or even not be specific to rehabilitation. There will always be a connection between the paper and rehabilitation.

Covid, FND, and models

“Helping the Public Understand Adverse Events Associated With COVID-19 Vaccinations. Lessons Learned From Functional Neurological…

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NICE on chronic pain

Today, 7th April 2021, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, otherwise known as…

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AI and decision making

Rehabilitation decisions are complex because so many factors have an influence, and we do not…

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Learning from failure

Designing and completing a large, well-designed randomised study is hard work. It must be very…

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Back pain.

Patients with chronic low back pain often have a low quality of life and treatments…

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Outcome measures

This post refers to two papers in the JAMA Journal of Internal Medicine: one is…

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Chronic pain

Patients who have chronic pain and who also (ab)use drugs and alcohol pose a challenge,…

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Being a carer

Rehabilitation professionals will interact with family carers every day as part of day-to-day work. And…

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