Community Rehab Alliance

This is a relatively small page, because not much information is publicly available about this organisation. Nonetheless it is undertaking important work and, potentially, could be an influential independent organisation. Its stated goal, on it twitter page (@rehab_alliance) is “Supporting National charities & professional bodies committed to improving commissioning, planning & delivery of comm rehab services.”

The Community Rehabilitation Alliance is a reasonably well-hidden but important initiative. It was initiated by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (here), and its purpose and principles are available on the web from the Society for Research in Rehabilitation. (here) As far as I know, it is involved with the Department of Health and so is of national importance to rehabilitation. Its goals are in line with those of Rehabilitation Matters.

The Alliance is obviously important, and has set up work-streams on:

  1. Transforming Rehabilitation; with a Reimagining Rehab Task and Finish Group
  2. Responding to Covid; contributing to Long Covid Task Force
  3. Improving community rehabilitation data; with a Data and Evidence for Community Rehab Task and Finish Group
  4. Focusing on social care; with a Social Care and Community Rehab Task and Finish Group
  5. Influencing decision makers; with a Political Engagement Task and Finish Group

The purpose of this Alliance seems close to the purpose of Rehabilitation Matters, except that I am also interested in hospital-based rehabilitation (which is supported by the Alliance). Several pages and blogs on the site cover bullet points 1, 2 and 4. (here and here and here)

Anyone interested may contact Martha Hannan, the Community rehabilitation alliance lead at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

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