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This page covers news relating to the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine. It complements the official BSRM website here; the official website will be updated sometime, and this page will then become redundant. In the meantime, it carries items that I am aware of.

BSRM president’s monthly bulletins

Since December 2020, the BSRM President, John Burn has produced an e-bulletin most months. They are circulated by email. However, they can all be accessed on the web. The links are given here, most recent first:

  • December 2021 here.
  • November 2021 here.
  • August 2021 here.
  • May 2021 here
  • March 2021 here
  • February 2021 here (with a photograph of the President)
  • December 2020 here
BSRM – NICE work

Members of the BSRM are involved in responding, on behalf of the Society, to many national consultation documents and in contributing to national working groups. There are several NICE groups we are contributing to:

  • NICE: Rehabilitation for Chronic Neurological Disorders Including Traumatic Brain Injury (here); Dr Lloyd Bradley
  • NICE: COVID-19 rapid guideline: managing the long-term effects of COVID-19 (here). An ongoing review; Dr Margaret Phillips
  • NICE: Rehabilitation after traumatic injury (here); Dr Laura Graham
  • NICE: Stroke Rehabilitation in Adults (here); Dr Sara Ajina
  • NICE: Head injury: assessment and early management (here); Dr Krystyna Walton

For a small society, to be actively engaged in developing five different sets of NICE guidance takes a significant resource.

BSRM working parties

This is an incomplete list of active working parties. They include:

  • Community Rehabilitation; Dr Judith Allanson
  • Nursing Home Rehabilitation standards; Dr John Burn


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