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This section of the site concerns matters relating to the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM). It is not an ‘official’ BSRM site, but it should interest members of the BSRM. It should also interest any rehabilitation professional in the UK, and not just doctors. The content concerns ongoing matters within the BSRM, such as the regular Presidential bulletin covering developments and current concerns. It will record achievements and other outputs from the Society, such as standards relating to rehabilitation (see here). It offers another place for BSRM members to publicise or promote points of view, achievements, etc relating to the BSRM. I hope it will attract non-members, both doctors, and other professions, to consider joining the Society. Visit this BSRM page here to learn more; you need to scroll down to see the options. I hope it will show that the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine is the only society representing rehabilitation (as contrasted to representing a profession), albeit not that strongly because its membership is primarily doctors. If enough doctors who practice rehabilitation within their own specialty, and, more importantly still, enough people from all other professions join, then the BSRM could be much more effective in promoting rehabilitation in the UK. Please join now. (here)

What is the BSRM?

The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, the BSRM is a multi-professional Society, founded by doctors in 1984 as the Medical Disability Society but soon being renamed with its current name. Members from other professions have been welcomed over the last few years. Anyone interested in joining should visit the website. (here)

Over the years, it has developed and published standards for different rehabilitation services. (here) For example, the latest one was the “2021 BSRM Standards for specialist rehabilitation for community-dwelling adults – updated 2002 standards” which can be seen here. This publication draws on expertise both from within the Society but additionally from people who are not members, and who are not doctors. This is usually the case, reflecting a commitment by the Society to multi-professional work. There are many such documents and they are updated, albeit not as frequently as we might want.

There are also special interest groups, and the focus of interest can vary. This page (here) has a list of current groups (not fully up-to-date) and new groups are formed as interest grows. Third, there are various working parties, all always keen to welcome new members and to receive help in their work.

The BSRM has an annual educational conference, now run in liaison with the Society for Research in Rehabilitation (here) and the Association Of Chartered Physiotherapists For People With Learning Disabilities (here).


The content of this section will, hopefully, grow. The accordion (that is what it is called) below has a brief description of each part, and a link.


This page covers some minor matters, but it also includes current and archived copies of the regular newsletter from the President. (here)


UKROC is the UK Rehabilitation Outcomes Collaborative, an important and influential research programme that many members of the BSRM and many members of rehabilitation teams around the country will have been involved in. The intention is to inform everyone about the achievements – papers published, reports published, measures used etc. To the best of my knowledge, there is no single repository of this information, though most of it is already on the internet somewhere. The page can be accessed here.

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