Patient experience

The page(s) in this section of the site will include reports written by patients or families about being on the receiving end of rehabilitation. We, rehabilitation staff and other patients and families, can learn much from vicarious experience, gained from reading or listening to the experiences of others. I have, luckily, had few illnesses in my life, but I think and hope that each one has changed my practice, and I hope for the better.

Each page will be different, but the general layout will be similar: a brief introduction by me, highlighting something of specific interest, followed by text (and pictures if relevant) which will be the person’s own. I may do small alterations, with their permission, to improve clarity or reduce ambiguity.

David Wozny

A brave man, who contacted me, took up my offer and agreed to be the first person to write something for this site. He does, however, have some experience and on his page, you will find a link to his own website. Read more here.

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