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You may be a patient having rehabilitation, or about to start, or you may be a family member or friend of someone having or needing rehabilitation; or you may be a healthcare professional who feels uncertain; or you may simply be someone who is curious, a justified curiosity as almost everyone would benefit from rehabilitation at some point in their life.

This part of the site explains rehabilitation for you

This part of the site (will) also contains material to help patients with their rehabilitation. It is not intended to replace or overrule any advice or information given by a rehabilitation professional, who will know much more about the situation than I can know. It is more focused on general principles and information. Often professionals overlook giving this or do not have time. Moreover, the information may be given but is forgotten.

The site is still developing, and hopefully, its development will be guided and influenced by readers. If you are a patient, the family member of a patient, or indeed anyone else, and you want to suggest things that you would like explained on this site, please use the contact form here to let me know.

Although I sincerely hope and intend that anyone will understand and read all the other pages on the site, I know that many people will feel uncertain. This part of the site offers a non-technical, jargon-free (I hope) introduction to rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation explained

This page explains rehabilitation without using any medical or other professional jargon. It does by discussing the close similarity between education and rehabilitation. This analogy is appropriate, because the central process in rehabilitation is learning, by the patient and their family and friends, and teaching by the rehabilitation team. The other major process, adaptation also requires learning. Click here to go to this page.

Goals in rehabilitation

Anyone involved in rehabilitation will soon realise that the team members – therapists, doctors, nurses and all – are constantly mentioning goals. Patients will be asked what their goals are, they may be asked to set goals, they may be judged against their achievement of goals. The nature of goals, why they are important, and other aspects of goals are discussed. To read more, click here.

Patient experience

This section, started on August 16th 2021, will have material contributed by people who have experienced rehabilitation. Its focus will be on ‘what it was like for me’, rather than on the experienced of having a disabling condition, or the disability itself. To move to the section, click here.

There is also, within the site, a compendium, which has two parts. The first explains some terms and words that have unusual or specific meaning in rehabilitation. The second is a list of resources, currently almost empty! I hope it will soon have material of help to patients as well as professionals.


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