Oxford Architectural Graffiti

Elizabeth Wade and Caroline Barry

A tourist guide book for children visiting Oxford, showing buildings and sights in a new way. The booklet is based on a one hour walk around the centre of Oxford, visiting many of the colleges and other historic sights. It focuses on seventeen particular features – doorways, skylines, statues, grotesques etc – that the child has to find. The booklet also asks the child to draw on photographs, adding graffiti to the book but not the architecture!

What is a wicket? Can you go through one?
Where will you find
Anthony Gormley?
camera in Oxford will not take a picture?
Find the answers to these and other puzzles as you explore Oxford.

This booklet is designed for children aged 6 to 12 years. It will help them find and see things that most people pass by without noticing. It is fun to use, and the trail can be started at any point, and interrupted as often as you wish.

Price: £3.99 plus £2.20 post and packing

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