Since March 2018, I have posted 1,362 tweets (as of September 19th 2021) on the Twitter feed from the journal I edit, Clinical Rehabilitation. (@ClinicalRehab) (here) They all concern rehabilitation (obviously), and only a minority are publicising Clinical Rehabilitation publications. My mental target audience has been doctors and other professionals training or practicing in rehabilitation.

The tweets take various forms, but a majority relate to a published article and give the link to that article. These cover a very wide range of topics. A significant minority publicise Mind-Maps that I produce, relating to different aspects of rehabilitation.

In my view, they could be an invaluable repository of references and images. My ability with Twitter is low (I have a poor ‘Twitter Capability”!) so I do not know how to download them all or to search them.

However I have created a list, and that list is available below. I believe it will automatically update itself as I publish new tweets. So this page gives you, in one place, the potential to look through over 1,300 tweets and you will find links to about 900 interesting publication. Perhaps more realistically, you can look at the most recent tweets. You may miss the tweets in your account, but here you will never miss a tweet!

Last, you can look at the Clinical Rehabilitation collections. These are papers published in Clinical Rehabilitation that cover:

  • Rehabilitation in Practice (here)
  • Rehabilitation in Theory (here)
  • Goal setting (here)

Clinical Rehabilitation Twitter List

The link below takes you to a list of the Rehabilitation Matters Twitter account, and the list contains all Clinical Rehabilitation tweets. You could, alternatively and if you have a Twitter account, go directly to the Clinical Rehabilitation Twitter page @ClinicalRehab.


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