A compendium is a “collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject, especially in a book or other publication” (Oxford English Dictionary). I rather hope than most of this site is ‘concise but detailed’. This section offers the ‘collection’, in two parts.

The first is almost a dictionary of terms that have, or are thought to have, some particular or specific meaning within rehabilitation. As will be seen, some words that are used as if they have specific meaning do not, with ‘specialist’ being an example. The second is a dictionary of resources, which will be personal and cannot present to be complete or up-to-date, given the huge number of webpages, papers, and other resources published every day.

Both compendia will grow and expand over time, both as I have the time, energy and enthusiasm to add or improve items but also as readers and visitors suggest items or ask questions. To contact me, use the contact form here.

The compendium of terms and words used in rehabilitation is here.

The compendium of resources relevant to rehabilitation is here.


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