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What does a profession add

Posts in this category will, if anyone is brave enough to submit any, suggest what particular knowledge and skills the named profession has, that will be less developed in other team members.

What do we add?

We can debate whether the patient is a part of the team (here) but we cannot debate that the patient is central to the team’s work, nor can we doubt that team and the patients must work together. David Wozny has already written on this site (here) and he is now giving his experience of …

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What do we add?

Contrary to the header above, this post is not written by Derick Wade. It has been written by a brave speech and language therapist, Harriet Peel. I (Derick Wade, writing this introduction) am really pleased to have a second post in this category, and I hope that Harriet’s post inspires you to write and answer …

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What do we add? A series.

Teamwork is central to rehabilitation. A team is comprised of a group of people, each from a different profession. In a team, professional boundaries are blurred, and much knowledge and many skills are shared. Yet a team is weakened by removal of a team profession. So, what is the unique contribution of a particular profession? …

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What do we add?

From the moment I became interested in rehabilitation (1980), I have been asked “But what do doctors do in rehabilitation?“. The implied, and often stated corollary is, “Isn’t rehabilitation what therapists do?” So I have had forty years to think about and practice my answer. This post puts my answer down on paper. It is, …

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Rehabilitation professions.

Team members face an uneasy tension between being a member of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team and being a member of a professional group. On the one hand, they have a special expertise in and commitment to rehabilitation. On the other hand, they have a special expertise in and commitment to the activities of their profession. …

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