What does a profession add

Posts in this category will, if anyone is brave enough to submit any, suggest what particular knowledge and skills the named profession has, that will be less developed in other team members.

What do we add?

From the moment I became interested in rehabilitation (1980), I have been asked “But what do doctors do in rehabilitation?“. The implied, and often stated corollary is, “Isn’t rehabilitation what therapists do?” So I have had forty years to think about and practice my answer. This post puts my answer down on paper. It is, …

What do we add?
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Rehabilitation professions.

Team members face an uneasy tension between being a member of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team and being a member of a professional group. On the one hand, they have a special expertise in and commitment to rehabilitation. On the other hand, they have a special expertise in and commitment to the activities of their profession. …

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Profession specific research

A recently published paper gave “Occupational therapy consensus recommendations for functional neurological disorder”. So what is this? Do occupation therapists have so much more experience, knowledge etc that recommendation by them have greater credibility? Not really, and the authors included many people who were not occupational therapists (and who were experts). Do occupational therapists have …

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