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What are the aims of SRR?

This is the self-declared aims and methods of the SRR. The Society for Research in Rehabilitation is a multi-disciplinary group whose members share the principal goal of: carrying out and promoting high quality research to develop effective, relevant and forward-thinking rehabilitation practices that will improve the opportunities available to people with acute and chronic disabling conditions.SRR …

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UK curriculum accepted in Europe

The Executive Committee of the European Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Board has studied the UK’s new, 2021 Rehabilitation Curriculum and have found it compliant with the European Training Requirements in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. This is good news. It is an endorsement of our new style curriculum, which is radically different from the curriculum of most …

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Curriculum developments

On the 18th of November 2020 a Training Advisory Group met to discuss the new Rehabilitation Medicine training curriculum and how it can be translated into a more specific syllabus. This meeting arose from a groundswell of disquiet and dissatisfaction about the lack of specific, objective criteria within the curriculum. This lack of detail leaves …

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