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RM syllabus update

This blog reports on developments in the training of doctors in Rehabilitation Medicine (RM) in the UK. In summary, most of the major documents about training are now complete, and most are agreed. Rehabilitation Medicine Curriculum.This is the foundation. This has been agreed by the General Medical Council, and now will start being the curriculum …

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BSRM website survey

I am currently leading a working party looking at the website of the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM). Members of the BSRM who read their electronic, emailed newsletter should be aware of this. Only one person responded to the President’s request for volunteers. I do not know if this reflects satisfaction with the site, …

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RM syllabus consultation

The syllabus for the Rehabilitation Medicine curriculum is being developed by a working party under the aegis of the Specialist Advisory Committee, which is responsible for the training programmes. A first draft has been completed, and we are putting it out for review by anyone interested. This post gives a little background information, explains the …

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Post Covid (syndrome)

Ten days ago I spent time commenting on the forthcoming Post-Covid syndrome clinical guideline being developed (rapidly) by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). It was full of references. Today (15th December 2020) I received notification of a useful Canadian Rapid Evidence Review from Alberta Healthcare. It will obviously go out of …

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UK curriculum accepted in Europe

The Executive Committee of the European Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Board has studied the UK’s new, 2021 Rehabilitation Curriculum and have found it compliant with the European Training Requirements in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. This is good news. It is an endorsement of our new style curriculum, which is radically different from the curriculum of most …

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Curriculum developments

On the 18th of November 2020 a Training Advisory Group met to discuss the new Rehabilitation Medicine training curriculum and how it can be translated into a more specific syllabus. This meeting arose from a groundswell of disquiet and dissatisfaction about the lack of specific, objective criteria within the curriculum. This lack of detail leaves …

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