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Posts in this category have a particular focus on matters of interest to the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, a multi-professional but primarily (at present) medical society concerned with promoting rehabilitation in the UK. Some posts will be of wider interest.

Rehabilitation research news

Today, 18th July 2021, the UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), one of the major health research funding bodies in the UK announced £19.6M had been allocated to research into the late effects of Covid-19 infection (here), commonly known as Long Covid. This is in addition to £18.5 million allocated in February (here), funding …

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National UK training

For many years there has been a grumbling level of dissatisfaction with training in Rehabilitation Medicine within the UK. Having just finished my fifth or sixth meeting about training in the UK within the last four weeks, I recognise that the coincidence of a new curriculum being introduced in August 2021 and the major effect …

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Increasing BSRM membership

This puts forward some thoughts on increasing the membership of the British Society for Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM), both why, and how. Increasing the membership of the BSRM will carry several advantages: increased political power. Though numbers are not everything, it is an important factor. increased pool of ideas and people to help society activities. At …

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