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I am currently leading a working party looking at the website of the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM). Members of the BSRM who read their electronic, emailed newsletter should be aware of this. Only one person responded to the President’s request for volunteers. I do not know if this reflects satisfaction with the site, or severe dissatisfaction, or no interest.

The lack of volunteers is no problem because I have identified and invited willing and interested people with a variety of skills and interests. The members of the working party are therefore a select group interested in the website. They are very unlikely to represent the interests and concerns of BSRM members (who are paying for the website).

My main concern is that we know very little about people who do visit the website. More importantly, we know nothing about those who do not visit or use the website, but would if it were changed.

Second, we know very little about why people do visit the site. What are they looking for. Again, we know nothing about the people who visit and do not find whatever they are looking for. I have constructed a MindMap graphic that illustrates some of the purposes that a website might fulfil – it is just to help you think a bit about it before you answer the survey, You will find it here.

I have constructed a simple open ended survey just to get an impression of what people prepared to answer the survey think. In order to ensure as wide a range of ideas and opinions as possible are included, please ask your colleagues to complete it by sending them the page link.

If you wish to be kept in touch with our work, and to be notified about any other consultations, then please add your email. It will only be used in relation to this work, and you will not be emailed about anything else, and the email list will be deleted when the website working party is disbanded.

This form may be filled in by anyone. The survey asks members to indicate that they are members. If you wish to see the BSRM page while filling it in, click here.

Thank you for your attention.

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