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Rehabilitation professionals will interact with family carers every day as part of day-to-day work. And I am sure most of us, if asked, can give some information about what being a carer is like. Nonetheless, we necessarily limit our empathetic identification with the family, and we limit our asking about the experience, because constant and complete sharing of the experience with every family would rapidly deplete any emotional reserve we might have. Being reminded occasionally helps us retain our concern.

Although we will hear from carers daily, somehow it always seems more powerful if one hears from someone you can identify with – a friend, a neighbour, maybe a sibling. One of the most powerful sources is a professional colleague working in the same are. A doctor has recently written a list of nine things his medical education failed to teach him about caring for elderly parent becoming unable to cope, due to dementia. It is a very practical list. Read it before you are in the situation.

Rappaport DI. What Caring for My Aging Parents Taught Me That Medical Education Did Not. JAMA Neurol.Published online November 23, 2020. doi:10.1001/jamaneurol.2020.4454 here

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