Year: 2021

Ready for discharge?

Is this patient ready for discharge? This question must be asked endlessly by care staff, managers, and sometimes the patient themselves. In this blog post, I will argue that it is the wrong question and that, by asking the wrong question without thought, we are failing to provide the best care to our patients. Moreover, …

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The BSRM name change vote

Members of the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine are voting on a proposal to change our Society’s name. The president, John Burn, has visited, virtually or in person, most of the regions of the UK to meet members and discuss the vote. Northern Ireland is the notable exception. I have attended seven of the nine …

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Rehabilitation is holistic, or is it?

Rehabilitation usually promotes itself as holistic, considering the patient as a whole and being patient-centred. Using the biopsychosocial model should indeed enforce a holistic, patient-centred approach. (here) Nevertheless, there are counter-forces at play, forces that we sometimes encourage. The primary countervailing power is a desire to categorise, classify, and develop small specialise treatment programmes. For …

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Whither the BS(P)RM?

The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, the BSRM, is changing. The proposal to change its name to the British Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (BSPRM) was one factor precipitating this change, but the changes already underway were probably due anyway. New people are joining the Executive committee. The new curriculum has led to a …

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Multidisciplinary, Interdisciplinary, or Transdisciplinary?

Teams use many different words to describe themselves. A team recently asked me to help them decide whether they are a multidisciplinary or an interdisciplinary team. The background information provided perfectly illustrated the difficulty in defining the team, as illustrated in this figure. (here) The question prompted me to write this blog post to show …

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BSRM name change discussion

This blog post updates the BSRM debate on its name and whether we should change it. After two somewhat confrontational discussions, Jav Haider (consultant in the Major Trauma Centre, Cardiff) agreed to discuss the issues rather than debate them. It was an exciting and productive discussion, and this blog post records the main points. John …

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Rehabilitation expertise

Rehabilitation is not therapy, and therapy is not rehabilitation. Rehabilitation expertise is the second area of expertise acquired by some people working within healthcare. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to demonstrate that you have specific expertise in rehabilitation unless you happen to be a doctor. In the UK, since 1997, doctors have been able to …

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