Month: March 2021

Reflection on progress

This post was precipitated by reading two papers and following references and links in the papers. The post draws attention to the serendipity that can occur on reading a paper, and the enormous changes that have occurred over 40 years. On a practical level, a paper on ‘gamification’ led me to social network measures, and …

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RM syllabus consultation

The syllabus for the Rehabilitation Medicine curriculum is being developed by a working party under the aegis of the Specialist Advisory Committee, which is responsible for the training programmes. A first draft has been completed, and we are putting it out for review by anyone interested. This post gives a little background information, explains the …

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What do we add?

From the moment I became interested in rehabilitation (1980), I have been asked “But what do doctors do in rehabilitation?“. The implied, and often stated corollary is, “Isn’t rehabilitation what therapists do?” So I have had forty years to think about and practice my answer. This post puts my answer down on paper. It is, …

What do we add?
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Exemplary paper

The published paper featured in this post illustrates many features of a good rehabilitation research paper. (A shame it was not published in a rehabilitation journal!) The blog is categorised as Education and Training, because the paper is useful as an example, and could generate discussion. The paper, available here, concerns the pain and hand …

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Rehabilitation; a social service?

Two incidents precipitated this blog. During discussion after a talk on an evidence-based definition of rehabilitation (e.g. as here), I was asked whether services provided by Social Services (and others) could also be considered as providing rehabilitation. My reply was that rehabilitation is a process and, as its intended outcomes relate to social participation, and …

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